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    • Causes of scale formation

      Generally, water-related machinery such as reciprocating vacuum pumps will have scale after using for a period of time, especially in the northwest region where the water hardness is relatively high, and the coal industry. What is this?...
      Time:2018-10-21 ???Hits:221

    • Vacuum refrigeration of vacuum unit

      Many people may not know what the vacuum unit is. It is a combination of a Roots vacuum pump and a water ring vacuum pump. I believe that everyone will not be unfamiliar with these two devices. What we are talking about today is about the vacuum refri...
      Time:2018-10-21 ???Hits:167

    • Anti-corrosion method for water ring vacuum pump

      Some machines will always have some corrosion during long-term use, and the water ring vacuum pump will also be corroded. This will cause some damage to the equipment for a long time. So how do we prevent the corrosion of the water ring vacuum pump?...
      Time:2018-10-20 ???Hits:226

    • Environmental requirements for water ring vacuum pumps

      When we work, we always think that we can find a better working environment. The water ring vacuum pump is the same, and we want to work in an environment suitable for it. So what are the requirements for environmental vacuum pumps? Take a...
      Time:2018-09-24 ???Hits:202

    • Precautions for installing Roots vacuum pump

      Sometimes we need to reinstall the Roots vacuum pump for some special reasons. However, equipment like this type is not installed casually. What else do we need to notice during the installation process? Lets learn together. 1. When turning...
      Time:2018-09-24 ???Hits:168

    • What are the advantages of the water ring vacuum pump?

      The structure is simple, the manufacturing precision is not high, the processing is easy, the operation is simple, and the maintenance is convenient. The structure is compact, the pump is generally directly connected to the motor, and the n...
      Time:2018-09-24 ???Hits:135

    • when maintaining a water ring vacuum pump?

      Since the water ring vacuum pump brings great convenience to our production and life, then we have to maintain it in peacetime and carry out regular maintenance on it. Then how do we usually maintain the water ring vacuum pump? So lets take...
      Time:2018-09-24 ???Hits:145

    • Test the suction rate of the water ring vacuum pump

      The use of water ring vacuum pumps is already a very common type of equipment. How do we test the pumping rate of water ring vacuum pumps during normal use? (1) Water ring type vacuum pump with voltage regulator: The rotor type wire of this...
      Time:2018-09-24 ???Hits:282

    • Water ring vacuum pump maintenance method

      The existence of a water ring vacuum pump is extremely important for all fields, but it is important to do the necessary routine maintenance work to maintain long-term efficient working conditions, which is familiar to many people. But how...
      Time:2018-09-24 ???Hits:196

    • The advantages of 2BV vacuum pump

      2BV vacuum pump is a common single-stage pump with a common structure-machine pump coaxial. When we are using it, we will get everyones attention because of the overall advantage. Let me introduce you to the advantages of using it. . The se...
      Time:2018-09-24 ???Hits:213

    • Measures to solve the trip of SK water ring vacuum pump

      When we use the SK water ring vacuum pump, it often trips, which seriously affects the normal use of the pump. So, what are the measures to solve the tripping of the SK water ring vacuum pump? 1. When the SK water ring vacuum pump is runnin...
      Time:2018-09-24 ???Hits:247

    • 2BV water ring vacuum pump head structure

      We usually use 2BV water ring vacuum pump for industrial production in industrial production. Before we use it, we will understand his whole. What do you know about his pump head structure? 1. The pump casing of the 2BV water ring vacuum pu...
      Time:2018-09-24 ???Hits:156

    • Factors affecting the price of water ring vacuum pumps

      Speaking of the water ring vacuum pump, we all know that its use is more extensive, so its price is also a hot topic of concern. So what kind of factors will cause the price of the water ring vacuum pump to change? Lets take a look. 1, the...
      Time:2018-09-24 ???Hits:146

    • Water ring vacuum pump common troubleshooting method

      The water ring vacuum pump has the advantages of compact structure, reliable work balance and uniform flow. It is used to transport or pump flammable, explosive and corrosive gases in chemical production, which is efficient and safe, but if...
      Time:2018-09-24 ???Hits:265

    • What are the water ring vacuum pump models?

      1, 2BA type water ring vacuum pump, mainly used for pumping out gas and water vapor, the suction pressure reaches 33 mbar absolute pressure (97% vacuum). 2, 2BE type vacuum pump, used to pump gas containing no solid particles, insoluble in...
      Time:2018-09-24 ???Hits:232

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